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Parents are not the duds you think they are. In fact, since your groupís enthusiasm toward such a strong cause will undoubtedly make them proud, they will most likely offer services and resources to help out. Share your ideas with them. When they see that you are taking an active and responsible role in providing safe alcohol-free activities for you and your friends, they will be eager to support you.

Involve parents early and often in planning, promoting and following through on your alcohol-free activities. The more support you have, the better. Parents can provide some of the same solutions listed for schools. Whether through their professional lives or personal interests, your parents have lots of contacts that you can use, ranging from their place of business to the dry cleaners that they use every week. Networking with your parents will only confirm your projects purpose to the businesses that you target. In addition to their help, you can hit your parents up for donations for some of your bigger activities.

Why should your parents support your efforts?

Here are a few good reasons you can use to convince parents to help you:

Law Enforcement

Look to local law enforcement agencies for help. Many have programs that can assist in your efforts. They are a great source for materials and suggestions on planning, preparing and following through for your event. They are also an excellent means for distributing literature supporting substance-free events and parties. In addition, most can connect you with organizations that are involved in similar activities and causes.

Law enforcement agencies have a strong interest in the well being of people in their community and can help by offering their services to assist with security at your event. Through sponsorship, donations or participation in the event itself, partnerships with law enforcement help to deliver the message that underage drinking is not only plain dumb, but also illegal.

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