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Community and Local Businesses

Members of the community, including businesses and organizations, make effective partners and can be beneficial in assisting you in pulling your events together. Not only can you contact local businesses for space to hold a party, but you may also be able to get special group rates or discounts. Developing relationships throughout the community will expand your promotional and planning options. By explaining your goal of providing safe, substance-free activities for your friends to the owner of a local sports complex, you may be able to obtain a discount for everyone who comes on a certain day of the month.

Businesses are always looking for exposure. Let businesses know that helping with your activities will showcase them before large numbers of consumers – everyone who attends your events, including students, faculty, and parents. Develop relationships with the owners of your favorite stores. After you have tackled the ones you know, consult your local chamber of commerce for a list of other businesses. You might be able to find groups of businesses that already participate in similar activities.

There are lots of opportunities to work within your community. Just ask around. And don’t be discouraged by a few people who may not be interested. There are many others who will see the value of your initiatives.

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Broadcasters Team Up With Teens to Promote Safe Proms and Graduations

Prom night and graduation are times of great excitement and celebration for most teens. Unfortunately, they are also the time of the year when teens are more likely to consume alcohol.

The National Association of Broadcasters' (NAB) Celebration Prom • Graduation campaign, now in its 18th year, sets out to enlist radio and television stations across the country in the effort to help parents, teachers and teens understand the dangers of underage drinking and impaired driving during prom and graduation season.

Together with Recording Artists, Actors and Athletes Against Drunk Driving (RADD), NAB has produced a series of prom- and graduation-themed public service announcements (PSA) for stations. NAB also provides stations with ideas for programming, PSA scripts and more.

In addition, NAB encourages broadcasters to invite high school students to produce their own television or radio spots on underage drinking and broadcast them during prom and graduation time.

For a copy of the spots or for more information on the NAB Celebration Prom • Graduation campaign ideas, call NAB at (202) 429-5448

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