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Entertainment Committee

If you take advantage of the recommendations made in the previous sections, you will need to have a few people work together to coordinate the entertainment. Lining up bands and DJs will take some effort, so make sure this committee starts early. To save time on gathering people together to make decisions, develop a list of alternatives so you have a back-up if your first choice is not available.

Decorations Committee

Everyone wants to be on this committee. It is the most fun part but also requires some pre-decorating planning. Decorations should complement any party theme that you may have decided on. Try to get your props on loan or see if stores will donate them as a contribution.

Food Committee

Food is always an important part of an event. To make sure you have the right mix and enough for everyone, keep the following in mind:

Public Relations Committee

Okay, so you've collected the money to have the party, organized the entertainment, bought food to feed a small army and have enough decorations to make the room look like Times Square. That's it, you're done, right?

Wrong! While the room where the event is being held undoubtedly looks incredible, history has shown that parties are better when people are there. In other words, you have to promote, promote and promote even more, to make sure everyone can share in the fun. In order to get the word out, take advantage of local resources. "Grass-roots" efforts are always a good place to start promoting the event.

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