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Local Youth Groups Take a Stand Against Underage Drinking
In a Whole New Way By Throwing a Party


Despite increased public awareness among today's youth, underage drinking continues to be a problem throughout the year. Whether it is homecoming, prom, graduation, or the holidays, young people are faced with many events year-round that may include the presence of alcohol, and subsequently, peer pressure to try it.

That's why [INSERT ORGANIZATION] is taking a new approach. Working alongside the National Organizations for Youth Safety (NOYS) and as part of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administrations (NHTSA) You Drink & Drive. You Lose. campaign, [INSERT ORGANIZATION] members are using positive youth development methods and attitudes to keep young people from using alcohol. But the group is not holding a series of lectures or distributing fliers. They're having a party.

According to NHTSA statistics, underage drinking is getting more dangerous. The latest statistics show that:

"We have come up with a number of party and event ideas that not only demonstrate how to celebrate these events without alcohol, but also guarantee students will actually have a better time," said [INSERT ORGANIZATION REPRESENTATIVE].

The [INSERT ORGANIZATION] event will be held at [INSERT VENUE] on [INSERT DATE]. According to group representatives, guests can expect today's best music and entertainment from [INSERT DJ, BAND, RADIO PERSONALITY, LOCAL CELEBRITY], numerous prizes and giveaways and maybe even a few surprises. People planning to attend are encouraged to get tickets early, as space is limited. Tickets can be obtained at [INSERT HIGH SCHOOL] or by contacting the [INSERT CONTACT] directly at [INSERT PHONE NUMBER].

"The bottom line is that underage drinking is illegal and dangerous," said [INSERT ORGANIZATION REPRESENTATIVE]. "During this time of year, the chances of losing friends and family to alcohol-related crashes increases."

We feel that using positive methods, such as this party, in place of more traditional educational tactics, will highlight just how easy, safe and fun it is to celebrate events and holidays without using alcohol. Were confident that our party, as well as future events, will be successful in relaying these ideas and saving lives."

To find out more about this or future events, or to obtain materials about underage drinking, please contact [INSERT ORGANIZATION] at [INSERT CONTACT INFO] and visit the NOYS web site at for more information.



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