Youth Impaired Driving Manual for Sheriffs DOT HS - 809214
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Appendix A, Training Programs

Appendix B, Materials

Appendix C, NHTSA Regional Offices

Appendix D, State Highway Safety Offices

Appendix B–Materials

These publications are available from the Media and Marketing Division, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 400 7th Street S.W., NTS-21, Washington, D.C. 20590, fax 202-493-2062.

• Retail Oriented Best Practices for Underage Drinking Prevention, 8/97 DOT HS 808 618

• Youth DUI and Underage Enforcement, 12/99, DOT HS X0552/X0575

• Strategies for Success: Combating Juvenile DUI, 9/99, DOT HS 808 845

• Sentencing and Disposition of Youth DUI and Other Alcohol Offenses: A Guide for Prosecutors and Judges, 9/99, DOT HS 808 891

• 1998 Youth Fatal Crash and Alcohol Facts, DOT HS 809 015

These publications are available from the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation, 11140 Rockville Pike, Suite 600, Rockville, MD 20852 or (toll free): 877-335-1287

There are no order numbers for the following publications; please use the title when ordering.

• How to Use Local Regulatory and Land Use Powers to Prevent Underage Drinking

• A Guide to Evaluating Prevention Effectiveness

• Strategies to Reduce Underage Alcohol Use: Typology and Brief Overview

• Guide to Conducting Alcohol Purchase Surveys

• Strategic Media Advocacy for Enforcement of Underage Drinking Laws

• Tips for Soliciting Cohesive Enforcement Program Plans

• Costs of Underage Drinking, Updated Edition

• Preventing Sales of Alcohol to Minors: What You should Know About Merchant Education

• Guide to Responsible Alcohol Sales: Off-Premise Clerk, Licensee, and Manager Training

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