appendix nine

PDF symbol Supplies Checklist

Abstract graphic representing a speaker using a visual aidsupplies checklist for each
panel presentation

check box  Tissues for panel table

check box  Water container and cups for panel table

check box  Evaluation forms

check box  Optional pre and post-tests, offender question sheets

check box  Sign-in sheets

check box  Pens and pencils

check box  Receipt books

check box  Certificates of attendance

check box  Cash box and change

check box  Bank bag, organizational stamp and pad, and deposit slips

check box  Donation boxes

check box  MADD membership brochures/red ribbons

check box  Adhesive tape

check box  Directional signs

check box  Do Not Disturb signs

check box  Sign for latecomers indicating number to call

check box  3-minute & 1-minute signs for speakers

check box  Office supplies - scissors, stapler, paper clips, sticky notes, etc.


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