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Cover art, "A How to Guide for Victim Impact Panels"

A How To Guide for Victim Impact Panels

A Creative Sentencing Opportunity

By Janice Harris Lord
for Mothers Against Drunk Driving

Copyright 1990 Mothers Against Drunk Driving. All rights reserved. Revised Fourth Printing 2001.


table of contents



Getting Started

Victim Impact Panels
Benefit to the Community and the Offender
Laying the Groundwork
Panel Steering Committee or Task Force
Contracts to Provide Victim Impact Panels
Site Selection
Frequency of Panel Presentations
Attendee Criteria
Establishing Your Panel Program
Steering Committee Check-list

Implementing Your Victim Impact Panel

Pre-panel Logistics
Post-panel Logistics

Panel Speakers

Research in Brief
Selecting Panel Speakers
Selection of Offenders and Other Speakers
Using Visuals
Guidelines and Tips for Speakers
Speaker Agreements

The Problem

Impaired Driving Research
Intermediate Sanctions Research
One Solution
Additional Research

Appendix One

Recidivism Research

Appendix Two

Judicial Testimonials

Appendix Three

Offender Testimonials

Appendix Four

State Statutes
Summaries of Additional Statutes

Appendix Five

Financial Accountability Form

Appendix Six

Those Most Likely to Benefit From Panel Attendance

Appendix Seven

Order to Attend Panel form
Sheet
Verification of Attendance
Sample Certificate of Attendance

Appendix Eight

Speaker Appreciation Events

Appendix Nine

Supplies Checklist for Each Panel Presentation

Appendix Ten

Sample Evaluation One
Sample Evaluation Two
Sample Evaluation Three
Sample Evaluation Four -- Mailed Follow-up Survey

Appendix Eleven

Benefits for Speakers
A Letter from a Victim Impact Speaker
Research on Panelists

Appendix Twelve

Prospective Victim Speaker Questionnaire

Appendix Thirteen

Guidelines for Speakers

Appendix Fourteen

Speaker Agreement
Offender Speaker Agreement


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