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How to Implement a Community-Based Designated Driver Program

  Program Planning
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Tips for Specific Groups


  Educators/College Groups
  Criminal Justice
  Medical and Health Care Community
  Hospitality Industry and Retailers
  Armed Forces

Publicity and Promotion
  Working with the Media
  Calendar of Year Round Ideas
  Media Q&A

  Partners and Resources


NHTSA's Office of Traffic Safety Programs strives to provide national leadership and technical assistance to states and communities in addressing impaired driving issues. Provided below is an inventory of resources and programs available to states and communities as you implement activities of the campaign You Drink & Drive. You Lose. Many of the materials listed in this section may also be ordered at the NHTSA web site at:

States and communities are encouraged to access these materials through the web. Materials may also be ordered by:

Media and Marketing Division, NTS-21
Attn: TSP Resource Center Orders
400 7th Street, SW
Washington, DC 20590

Media and Marketing Division, NTS-21
Attn: TSP Resource Center Orders
Fax: 202-493-2062

Quantity Limits
Brochures, Pamphlets, Booklets, Flyers
Bumper Stickers, Posters
Fact Sheets
Reports, Manuals
3 sheets
or 1 roll

For large quantity orders, artwork may be requested on loan and reproduced at your organization's expense.

When requesting materials, please use the DOT HS number or order number, when available.

The inventory is presented in five areas including:

  • Prevention and Public Education,
  • Designated Driver and Safe Ride Programs and
  • Research

For a full listing of NHTSA impaired driving related materials, please visit the NHTSA website at



You Drink & Drive. You Lose. A Guide for Building a Comprehensive Impaired Driving Program

NHTSA's new impaired driving prevention campaign was developed as the voice of the new national partnership aimed at intensifying the fight against impaired driving. The goal of You Drink & Drive. You Lose. is to enhance national awareness about the deadly toll impaired driving exacts on America's communities and to generate a greater national urgency to stop the senseless killing and injury on our nation's highways. This guide provides the framework for a comprehensive impaired driving program at the state and local level.
(Order # 9P0015)

Partners in Progress: An Impaired Driving Guide for Action

This report serves as a guide for addressing the nation's impaired driving problem and reaching the national goal to reduce alcohol-related fatalities to 11,000 by the year 2005. The guide focuses on strategies and action steps for reaching the goal, in collaboration with new and existing partners. Individual sections include: public education; individual responsibility; health care; businesses and employers; legislation; enforcement and adjudication; and technology.
(Order # 2P1035)

Innocent Victims National Campaign

Through a joint effort with the Ad Council, NHTSA has developed a multimedia PSA campaign focusing on the "Innocent Victims" message to recreate public outrage and concern about the loss of innocent lives from impaired driving. This campaign features photographs and stories of innocent victims who lost their lives because of alcohol impaired drivers. The PSAs encourage individuals, who have the chance, to make the right choice and intervene and "Get the Keys" by showing real consequences of not interceding. For more information, please visit the Ad Council website at camp_ current.html

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