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Generating support for your event is a key factor in making it a success. Partners not only help you spread the word about your event, but they can provide credibility, financial support, necessary resources and give your group any other support it may need. If your group already has established partnerships, then you're aware of their value to the program and its efforts. If not, locate groups in your school or community such as SADD. You can begin to build and cultivate partnerships with a host of local businesses, organizations, advocacy groups and others you think can help make your party the best event in town.


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Friends are invaluable partners. They can contribute to the events planning, as well as to seeing that the party's ideas are properly executed. Friends also help your group maintain enthusiasm toward the event, through proper promotion and word-of-mouth. In addition, friends can help in planning and preparing for future events, providing new ideas and resources for your group. Here are some ways friends can help:

Your friends should help your group stress that the event is meant to be an alternative to those where alcohol is present. The theme should be at the forefront of every meeting and prominently featured on advertising to encourage the generation of creative ideas on alternatives to parties with alcohol.

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