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Paul's A-Maze-ing Trip

Sherry and Terry:

  1. Sherry puts her helmet on right, so that it is low on her forehead. The helmet straps are snug under Sherry’s chin.
    Terry puts her helmet on wrong. She puts it far back on her head and lets the straps stay loose under her chin.
  2. Sherry is safe. She is sitting down when she rides her bike.
    Terry is not safe. She rides standing up.
  3. Sherry rides a bike that’s safe because it is right for her size. She is able to sit on the safety with her knees straight and her feet flat on the ground. Terry rides her brother’s big bike when he is gone. That is not safe. Her feet cannot reach the ground when she sits on the big bike. It is hard for Terry to stop in a hurry.
  4. It is easy for drivers to see Sherry in her brightly colored clothes and she always makes sure her shoelaces are tied tightly.
    But Terry is wearing dark clothes and her shoelaces are untied. Her shoelaces can get tangled up with the pedals and cause Terry to fall off the bike.
  5. Sherry is alert and can hear traffic driving around her.
    Terry is listening to a radio and she can’t hear the traffic around her.
  6. Sherry has inspected her bike and knows it is safe to ride.
    Terry did not inspect her bike and doesn’t know it is missing reflectors. This is not safe.

Sherry riding her bike

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