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Unattended Children and Cars 

Public Awareness

With increased public awareness, many future incidents can be averted. Prosecutors, law enforcement, advocacy organizations, retailers, educational organizations, and the general public all have the ability to make clear that leaving children unsupervised in or around motor vehicles is dangerous. In 2000, the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare worked with retailers and other business “to inform parents that the temperature inside the parked car can jump to 105 degrees F in a matter of 10 minutes.” Decals bearing the statement “Please bring your kids inside” were distributed to parents and caregivers throughout the State.42 Prosecutors can and should participate in educational campaigns informing parents of the need to supervise their children in and around cars and to keep their vehicles locked at all times.


42 “Summer Heat Makes It Dangerous to Leave Children in Cars” State of Idaho Department of Health and Welfare Press Release, July 28, 2000.