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National Aggressive Driving Action Guide: A Criminal Justice Approach

Reason for Development:

Aggressive driving has rapidly become a major concern to government officials, highway safety executives and advocates, law enforcement administrators and the motoring public. In fact, in some communities this driving behavior is considered more of a threat to public safety than any other. This Guide, for use by State and local officials, legislative bodies, criminal justice practitioners, highway safety advocates and related organizations and communities, provides strategies and recommendations resulting a series of meetings among distinguished criminal justice professionals - law enforcement leaders, prosecutors, judges, and a representative from the defense bar - and NHTSA staff, who comprised an Aggressive Driving Implementation Team formed from attendees at the 1999 DOT Aggressive Driving and the Law: A Symposium. It contains a framework that States can use to address the problem of aggressive driving. The Guide is organized into six topic areas that are useful for categorizing aggressive driving countermeasures. The six areas are (1) Statutory Strategies, (II) Enforcement Strategies, (III) Applied Technology, (IV) Charging Decisions, (V) Sentencing Strategies, and (VI) Community Leadership.


This Guide is in and easy-to-read booklet form, and is also in HTML format on the NHTSA Aggressive Driving website.

Target Audience:

Traffic safety leaders, and partners including: State's Highway Safety Office personnel; State and local officials, law enforcement executives; judicial and prosecutorial leaders, legislative bodies, elected officials and policy-makers; business leaders, and civic and community-based activists.

Product Will Be Sent To:

NHTSA Regional Offices and selected NHTSA partner organizations, i.e. law enforcement organizations, judicial organizations and prosecutors organizations, as well as a copy to each law enforcement agency known to have aggressive driving projects. [The document will also be available at the NHTSA website: /people/injury/enforce/aggredriver.html)

Suggested Marketing Strategies/Use:

SUGGESTED MARKETING STRATEGIES/USE: In States where State Highway Safety Officials, State and local law enforcement executives and other interested organizations are contemplating legislative changes or are planning aggressive driving program, this document may be helpful.

Developed By:

This Guide was developed by the National Aggressive Driving Implementation Team and published by the NHTSA.

How To Order:

Fax orders to the NHTSA Traffic Law Enforcement Division at (202) 366-7721. Orders can also be made on-line by clicking on Safety Materials on the NHTSA website at and entering the document title.

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