We know how to solve the impaired driving problem. The question is, do we have the
resolve to do so? With the necessary resolve and by applying the leadership, partnerships andcommunications strategies outlined herein, law enforcement can be a significant part of thesolution.

The fact is, North America will have the impaired driving problem it chooses to have. We
cannot accept the moderate gains we have achieved during the past several years. We must
do more, we must start now, and we must do so together.

Toward this end, it is the sincere hope of the Impaired Driving Subcommittee that law
enforcement executives utilize the IACP Resolution (calling for a Renewed Effort to Eliminate
Impaired Driving) and this Guidebook as source documents in strategic planning and efforts to
eliminate impaired driving.

Every law enforcement agency should take full advantage of known best practices—including sobriety checkpoints, saturation patrols, and other aggressive, high-visibility enforcement—to work vigorously toward the elimination of impaired driving.