Other Issues Discussed

The following points were mentioned in the forum breakouts but not discussed at length.

  • Elevate speeding to a national priority at the same level as reducing alcohol-impaired driving and increasing safety belt use.

  • Consider methods to sustain the effect of speed enforcement and marketing strategies over time.
  • Include public health organizations in efforts to manage speeding.

  • Cooperate with employers to help manage their employees’ speeding through workplace policies and education; encourage lower speeds for both safety and fuel efficiency.

  • Integrate speeding issues into other education and enforcement programs.

  • Expand graduated driver licensing requirements to include a restriction on driving on high-speed roads, as is done in some other countries.

  • Increase the emphasis on speeding and its consequences in driver education classes.

  • Increase penalties for speed violations, perhaps in specific high-risk areas such as school and work zones.

  • Consider speed limiters for the vehicles of repeat speeding offenders.

  • Share speed violation information between States, to better identify repeat offenders.

  • Increase vehicle registration fees for high horsepower vehicles.