Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor's Manual


Sample Introductory Package


Number of sworn  officers within your agency
            Breakdown by rank

Number of DWI arrests each year by your agency
            DWI repeat offenders each year

Number of drugged-driving arrests each year by your agency

Number of vehicular fatalities investigated by your agency each year
            Drugged driving

How many of your officers are certified breath test operators?

If applicable, how many of your officers are certified to draw blood?

Do you have specifically designated DWI patrols (saturation patrols)?
            How are they funded?
            How often do they operate?

Do you have a written sobriety checkpoint protocol, if permitted in your State?
            How many times each year are they conducted?

Does your jurisdiction have a specifically designated DWI Court?

Does your department provide any in-service training?
            If yes, on what topics?
            Do you provide written materials?
                        How are they paid for?
            Is the training conducted by your agency or at another facility?
            If applicable, do the officers receive continuing education/training credits?
            Who serves as instructors?
                        Other law enforcement?
                        Toxicologists/other experts?

Are you familiar with the National District Attorneys Association?
            American Prosecutors Research Institute?
            National Traffic Law Center?
            National Association of Prosecutor Coordinators?
            International Association of Chiefs of Police?
            National Sheriff’s Association?

What other training course do your officers attend – locally and/or nationally?

Do your officers attend training with local ADAs?

What training programs would you like to see offered to your police officers?