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Highly Visible and Sustained Enforcement

letter General deterrence forms a perception that violating traffic laws will result in being cited or arrested. The most efficient way to foster the general deterrence perception is for the driving public to regularly see ongoing law enforcement activities. State, county, local, and tribal law enforcement executives should promote an organizational culture to encourage officers to stop motorists for all violations. The SHSO should continually support and encourage local agencies sustaining this concept. Maximum exposure can be achieved through sobriety and safety belt checkpoints, saturation patrols, and by encouraging aggressive traffic enforcement by all law enforcement officers. Cultural changes in a law enforcement agency towards sustained and aggressive traffic enforcement will facilitate general deterrence across jurisdictional borders and reduce motor vehicle crashes. It is important to remember that your marketing strategy should be used when conducting high-visibility and sustained enforcement. Communication with the public on these efforts is a part of general deterrence.

States should encourage local agencies to develop and staff dedicated traffic enforcement units. When staffing dedicated traffic enforcement units, local agencies should allocate sufficient personnel resources to make an effective and sustained impact on identified traffic safety issues.