Image of cover of the law enforcement information side of the "Traffic Stop & You" brochureThis brochure is designed to educate both citizens and law enforcement about expectations during a traffic stop. Understanding what is expected from both parties improves communication, helps to reduce anxieties, and improves the public’s understanding about the need for traffic law enforcement. Improved communication is also the first step in eliminating community-based divisiveness and creating community-based partnerships. Building bridges to the community should occur one traffic stop at a time.

Some things to remember:

To effectively address these public health and safety issues, law enforcement agencies across the country enforce traffic laws. Traffic law enforcement is a time proven method of:

However, in recent years, the public has been made aware of incidents that have occurred between citizens and law enforcement during traffic stops. Most of these incidents were positive and did much to advance the public’s perception of law enforcement. Some incidents were negative and disturbing, and created public mistrust.

Photo of a traffic stop involving a police officer and a commercial truckIf you are a law enforcement officer, here are some ways to improve your traffic stop experience: