Aggressive Driving Enforcement
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Milwaukee, Wisconsin

NHTSA awarded a grant to the Milwaukee Police Department (MPD) to demonstrate and evaluate innovative enforcement and public information and education programs to reduce aggressive driving. This was an 18-month project that began in October 1998. Milwaukee’s plan outlines eight separate, three-week enforcement efforts focusing on aggressive driving behavior.

Special Features

Milwaukee’s plan features some innovative enforcement waves such as an "angel patrol" for those drivers who drive faster than their guardian angel can fly, the "flasher patrol" for those drivers who do not use their turn signals when turning or switching lanes, and the "basket patrol" for the drivers who like to weave in and out of traffic.

A strong media campaign announced the enforcement efforts and advised the public about safe driving habits. They produced an aggressive driving logo that was used on all publications and media events.

Milwaukee paid particular attention to recording driving behavior before, during and after the demonstration project to identify any change in driver behavior. They changed the citation forms to allow the officer to denote the incident was aggressive driving and to track the number of incidences and citations.

Technology Used

The Milwaukee Police Department evaluated new technology that measured the distance between vehicles. This technology was tested but at this time is non-evidential and cannot be referenced in court. Speed display boards were placed on designated routes to advise the public of their speed.

Project Outcomes

The goals of the Milwaukee project were:

  • Develop an innovative enforcement strategy to reduce aggressive driving
  • Develop and evaluate the effectiveness of public information and education programs to discourage aggressive driving
  • Document the involvement of drugs and alcohol
  • Identify legislative, prosecutorial and judicial needs to address the problem
  • Reduce the area’s per capita congestion costs, fuel waste, and lost person hours because of congestion

More Information

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Aggressive Drivers
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