Aggressive Driving Enforcement
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Pennsylvania State Police uses two different programs to address aggressive driving enforcement, Operation Centipede and TAG-D, (Ticket the Aggressive Driver). The Operation Centipede program uses 8-10 officers, who are positioned throughout the target area, one to two miles apart. The officers are in both marked and unmarked vehicles, some with radar units and some with radar detectors.

The officers are advised to strictly enforce all posted speed limits and cite any aggressive driving behaviors. As the motoring public passes the first trooper, they may feel there will not be any other troopers for several miles. When they pass another trooper within two miles and then another trooper within another two miles, there is the perception that troopers will be found all along the route.

The TAG-D program also uses marked and unmarked law enforcement vehicles, a vehicle that appears disabled, radar, fixed wing aircraft, and pursuit vehicles. Officers are advised what driving behaviors they are targeting for enforcement on the day of the saturation patrol effort.

Project Outcome

During 1998, Pennsylvania saw a five percent decrease in crashes with fatalities or injuries in areas targeted as part of the Operation Centipede and TAG-D highway safety enforcement programs. The number of crashes with fatalities or injuries decreased from 4,045 to 3,838. The total number of crashes with or without injuries decreased from 6,076 to 5,656, a drop of six percent. 7

Since the Pennsylvania State Police started the Operation Centipede and TAG-D programs in 1997, crashes with deaths or injuries requiring transportation for treatment of injuries, dropped by nearly 24 percent in the areas targeted by the enforcement programs.

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