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Guidelines for a Suspended or Revoked Operator Enforcement Program

Highway Safety Desk Book
This publication was made possible through the generous financial contribution of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The Advisory Committee on Highway Safety of the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) also acknowledges the hard work and creativity of the following people and their staffs who contributed articles or information for this deskbook

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Police Traffic Services in the 21st Century PDF version ( 366K) Proceedings of a seminar sponsored by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Traffic safety experts and law enforcement administrators, from various types and sizes of state and local law enforcement agencies, were brought together to discuss the delivery of police traffic services in the next century.

Rural Initiative Traffic Safety Guide PDF version (HTML version of af000577.pdf, 103K, (posted 12-95)
This publication covers many problems and concerns of sheriffs and other law enforcement administrations who are directly responsible for the enforcement of traffic safety laws and regulations on rural highways within their jurisdictions. The guide provides practical approaches for combating the myths which sometimes adversely impacts the level of actual traffic enforcement needs. It also identifies enforcement techniques that can easily be incorporated into existing enforcement programs without the need for additional resources. The publication also contains some ideas for those agencies interested in expanding programs.

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Traffic Safety in the New Millennium: Strategies for Law Enforcement (.PDF version posted 10-10-01)
This document is intended to serve as a planning guide for law enforcement executives and their organizations. The document catalogues effective traffic enforcement strategies and promising practices for the future. The authors of the document understand that many of the suggestions offered may not work for every law enforcement agency. Rather, the reader should consider how the document can serve as a road map in developing an agency specific traffic safety strategic plan.

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Visual Detection of DWI Motorists
This detection guide describes a set of behaviors that can be used by officers to detect motorists who are likely to be driving while impaired.