National Traffic Law Center

The American Prosecutors Research Institute's National Traffic Law Center (NTLC) is a resource designed to benefit prosecutors, judges, and others in the justice system. The mission of NTLC is to improve the quality of justice in traffic safety adjudications by increasing the awareness of highway safety issues through the compilation, creation and dissemination of legal and technical information and by providing training and reference services.

When prosecutors deal with challenges to the use of breath test instruments, blood tests, horizontal gaze nystagmus, crash reconstruction, and other evidence, the NTLC can assist with technical and case law research. Likewise, when faced with inquiries from community groups about getting impaired drivers off the road, NTLC can provide research and statistics concerning the effectiveness of administrative license revocation, ignition interlock systems, sobriety checkpoints and much more.

NTLC has a clearinghouse of resources including case law, legislation, research studies, training materials, trial documents and a directory of professionals who work in the fields of crash reconstruction, toxicology, drug recognition and many others. The information catalogued by the center covers a wide range of topics with particular emphasis on impaired driving and vehicular homicide issues.

The professional staff at NTLC includes experienced trial attorneys and research staff. Assistance is specifically provided in all areas of trial preparation, including methods to counter specific defenses. NTLC facilitates the direct exchange of information among prosecutors, judges and other criminal justice professionals in the field to prevent duplication of effort.

NTLC was created in cooperation with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and works closely with NHTSA and the National Association of Prosecutor Coordinators to develop and deliver prosecutor training programs, such as: Prosecution of Driving While Under the Influence, Prosecuting the Drugged Driver, and Lethal Weapon: DUI Homicide. Each course incorporates substantive legal presentations by faculty with skill building sessions where participants participate in a mock trial. The participants are critiqued and videotaped to assist in improving their trial skills.

NTLC is a program of the American Prosecutors Research Institute (APRI), the non-profit affiliate of the National District Attorneys Association. APRI's principal function is to enhance prosecution in America by providing training, technical assistance and research support to local prosecutors. Among others, APRI provides services in the following areas: asset forfeiture, child abuse, parental kidnapping, domestic violence, violence against women, stalking, community prosecution, DNA, drugs, environmental crime, hate crimes, juvenile justice, telemarketing fraud, and victim/witness programs.

For additional information contact APRI, 99 Canal Center Plaza, Suite 510, Alexandria, Virginia, 22314 (phone) 703-549-4253, (fax) 703-836-3195,