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Achieving a High Belt Use Rate: A Guide for Selective Traffic Enforcement Programs PDF version posted 6/01
This is a short How To Guide for communities who want to do a selective traffic enforcement program (sTEP). It describes how Chemong County (Elmira), NY increased their seat belt use rate from 63 percent to 90 percent in three short weeks. The Guide describes leadership and coordination, enforcement strategies, public information and education messages, and includes data sheets to track progress.

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Evaluation of Maryland, Oklahoma, and the District of Columbia's Seat Belt Law Change to Primary Enforcement posted 6/01
In 1997, these three jurisdictions upgraded their seat belt laws to primary enforcement, where an officer can issue a seat belt citation whenever an unbelted driver is observed. Belt use increased from 71 to 83 percent in Maryland, 47 to 56 percent in Oklahoma, and 66 to 80 percent in the District of Columbia upon passage of the new laws.

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Occupant Protection Special Traffic Enforcement Program Evaluation
This evaluation report explains the Special Traffic Enforcement Program (sTEP) and demonstrates that high visibility enforcement combined with public awareness conducted in periodic waves can increase seat belt use dramatically.

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Protecting Children - A Guide to Child Traffic Safety Laws (posted 04/09/03)
The National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) produced this manual for state legislators concerning traffic safety laws. The guide contains policy issues related to children in the areas of occupant protection, school bus safety, pedestrian and bicycle safety, child endangerment, drunk driving and teen drivers. For copies contact the NCSL at (303) 364-7700.

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