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Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Regulations (posted 10-11-01)
Appendix to Subpart G - Required Knowledge and Skills - Sample Guidelines - see Paragraphs (c)(7) and (c)(8) ("Speed Management" and "Space Management")
Provides information about the specific knowledge elements that a State may wish to include in the knowledge and skills tests that it administers to CDL applicants.

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Regulations (posted 10-11-01)
see Section 383.111 Required Knowledge; Paragraph (c)(7) and (c)(8) ("Speed Management" and "Space Management") - Provides specific information that all commercial motor vehicle operators are required to know.

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Share the Road Safely - Safety Tips for Car Drivers (ASP version posted 10-11-01)
Sharing the road with larger vehicles can be dangerous if you are not aware of their limitations. This document provides safety tips about aggressive driving, speeding, and stopping distance to help motorists prevent crashes, and minimize injuries and fatalities if one does occur.

Speeding and Motor Carrier Fatal Crashes Fact Sheet (.PDF version posted 10-11-01)
Presents 1997 data, in terms of which vehicle was speeding, for multi-vehicle fatal crashes involving a heavy truck.

Speed Management Workshops: Restoring Credibility to Speed Setting: Engineering, Enforcement & Educational Issues (.PDF version posted 10-11-01)
This document synthesizes the findings of two speed management workshops held in 2000. The first was held in conjunction with the Transportation Research Board Annual meeting in Washington, DC in January, and the second was held in March in Dallas Texas. The workshops provided ideal platforms for researchers and practitioners to discuss speed-setting and enforcement issues.

Speeding-Related Multi-Vehicle Fatal Crashes Involving Large Trucks (.PDF version posted 10-11-01)
This analysis brief presents findings on the extent to which speeding plays a role in multi-vehicle fatal crashes involving large trucks.

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