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Canadian Guide to Neighbourhood Traffic Calming (posted 10-11-01)
Developed in conjunction with the Canadian Institute of Transportation Engineers, this guide helps practitioners to understand traffic calming principles and applications, and to achieve an appropriate level of standardization while minimizing liability and maximizing safety.

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Examples of Variable Speed Limit Applications (posted 10-11-01)
Variable Speed Limit (VSL) systems utilize traffic speed and volume detection and weather and road surface condition information to determine and display appropriate travel speeds to drivers. Domestic and foreign examples of VSL are available.

Fatality Rates by Road Function (.PDF version posted 10-11-01)
This chart examines fatality rates from 1995 to 1999 based on roadway function classification (urban and rural).

FHWA RD & T: Synthesis of Safety Research Related to Speed Management (posted 10-11-01)
This 1998 report presents a synthesis of research findings on the safety effects of speed, speed limits, enforcement and engineering methods to manage speed.

FHWA Study Tour for Speed Management and Enforcement (.PDF version posted 10-11-01)
This paper documents the FHWA Study Tour for Speed Management and Enforcement Technology which surveyed speed management practices in the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, and Australia.

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Road Function Classification (.PDF version posted 10-11-01)
This document describes the four major road function classifications: interstates, other arterials, collectors and local roads.

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Speeding and Single Vehicle Crashes by Road Function Classification (1995-1999) (.PDF version posted 10-11-01)
This table shows five-year trend data for speeding-related and single vehicle fatal crashes by road classification.

Speeding Counts (.PDF version posted 10-11-01)
This flyer describes how inappropriate and dangerous speeds are not confined to high speed roads.

Speeding Counts on All Roads Overview (.PDF version posted 10-11-01)
This handout presents speeding fatality data by type of road.

Speeding In Rural Areas (.PDF version posted 10-11-01)
This flyer looks at how speeding takes a deadly toll on less-forgiving rural roadways.

Survey of Speed Zoning Practices (posted 10-11-01)
This report is based on a study by ITE Traffic Engineering Council Technical Committee TENC-97-12. The objective was to identify and summarize the speed zoning practices used by agencies in the United States. (The report is available for purchase through the ITE Bookstore website).

Traffic Calming: State of the Practice (posted 10-11-01)
This report contains a synthesis of traffic calming experiences to date in the United States and Canada. It includes information on traffic calming in residential areas and in areas where high-speed rural highways transition into rural communities.

Traffic Calming Seminar Instructional Material (posted 10-11-01)
ITE and FHWA developed a one-day seminar for transportation professionals on traffic calming. The seminar materials are intended for use by professionals interested in educating others on the subject. This traffic calming website allows you to view the slide show on your Web browser or download the full PowerPoint presentation along with the instructor's notes for individual use.

US Speeding-related Motor Vehicle Fatalities by Road Function Classification (1995-1999) (.PDF version posted 10-11-01)
These tables show five-year trend data for speeding-related fatal crashes by road function classification and rural and urban breakdowns.

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