Figure 1. Block diagram of the target simulator, flow diagram that illustates the signal path for the unit

Figure 2. Schematic of the test range for the target distance feature, plan view of the test range showing "imaginary", but well-defined aimpoint and reference mark for unit

Figure 3. Block diagram of the pulse-sawtooth coupling circuit, - simplified schematic diagram

Figure 4. Oscillogram of a rectangular pulse, coupled through the circuit of figure 3 into the 10 W dummy load, simulated oscilloscope readout with callouts

Figure 5. Block diagram of the line impedance stabilization network (LISN) - simplified schematic diagram

Figure 6. Schematic of the long-range target apparatus - simplified diagram of unit

Figure 7. Schematic of the beam characterization apparatus - simplified diagram showing distances of various targets

Figure 8. Block diagram of the low voltage test circuit - simplified schematic diagram

Figure 9. Block diagram of the radio-frequency test circuit - simplified schematic diagram