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Effectiveness: 1 Star Cost: $$
Use: High
Time: Medium

This countermeasure involves distracted driving communications and outreach campaigns directed to the general public. Since distracted driving is a particular concern among teenage drivers (Foss & Goodwin, 2014; NHTSA, 2012), distracted driving campaigns may specifically target teen drivers. Some campaigns carry a general “pay attention” message, while others are directed at specific behaviors such as cell phone use.

Effectiveness Concerns: Based on NCHRP research, there are no studies of any campaign’s effects on driver knowledge, attitudes, or behavior (Stutts et al., 2005, Strategies C1 and D2). Though distracted driving outreach campaigns are widespread, there is little information that exists regarding their effectiveness.

Further information about the known research, potential effectiveness, costs, use, and time to implement is available in Appendix A4, Section 2.1.