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Effectiveness: 1 Star Cost: Unknown
Use: Unknown
Time: Long

This countermeasure involves providing education to physicians, pharmacists, and patients about the potential risk of motor vehicle crashes associated with certain prescription medications. Instruction targeting pharmacists can include modules that cover potentially driver-impairing prescription drugs, laws relating to medication use and DWI, and the role of pharmacists in counseling patients regarding medications and driving risk. More generally, education can also include use of clear warning labels on drug packaging.

Effectiveness Concerns: This countermeasure has only been examined in a few studies. Although some of the studies report increased awareness by pharmacists of the effects of medication, there is no evidence of increased awareness among drivers. Overall, there are insufficient evaluation data available to conclude that the countermeasure is effective.

Further information about the known research, potential effectiveness, costs, use, and time to implement are available in Appendix A1, Section 7.3.