Retailer Tools

Risks to the safety of your tires—from low tire pressure and treadwear to overloaded vehicles—can affect everyone on the road. As a retailer and valued partner, you play a key role in helping the public better understand the relationship between tire care and safety. We hope that this TireWise retailer toolkit will make it even easier for you to share your knowledge and expertise with your customers.

To support your ongoing consumer education efforts, NHTSA has developed the following information on tire safety, maintenance and fuel efficiency:

Life of a Tire

This video highlights the importance of checking tire pressure, rotating tires, and checking tire tread.

"Congratulations on Your New Tire Purchase" Handout (PDF, 269 KB)

Many customers aren't sure where to find important information such as their DOT Tire Identification Number (TIN), their tire's recommended service life, or their recommended tire pressure. Use this handout as a tool to review information with your customers and help you talk to them about routine tire maintenance once they buy new tires. Download and print the form to share with all of your new tire customers.

Tire Buyers' FAQ (PDF, 250 KB)

There are many factors that go into any purchasing decision. The Tire Buyers' FAQ provides key information that consumers should know about tires, including: type, size, manufacture date, and ratings. This FAQ handout can be used as a starting point to help educate your customers about the tires they are choosing to purchase. Some customers may bring this form with them when purchasing tires, but we encourage you to also have it available in your shop.

In the Garage Infographic (PDF, 367.6 KB)

The next time you’re in the garage, remember these handy tips to get the most out of your tires.

In addition to these tools, TireWise has even more information that you can share with your customers to help educate them on the importance of tire safety and maintenance, and to assist them during their purchasing process. We encourage you to:

  • Display and share these tools in your retail space.
  • Post this information on your website.
  • Share the link to via your social media tools and website.