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Safety and Savings Ride on Your Tires

Always Perform Proper Maintenance

As part of National Tire Safety Week (June 28 - July 4), NHTSA is reminding drivers that proper tire maintenance is essential for safety and for saving on the cost of vehicle ownership. Whether you’re getting ready for a road trip or just performing routine upkeep on your vehicle, don’t forget your tires are important for safety and savings.

On average, there are nearly 11,000 tire-related motor vehicle crashes each year and more than 600 people will die in those crashes. That’s reason enough to properly maintain your tires. NHTSA offers everything you need to know about tires and safety, like how to buy and maintain them, how age can affect their safety, and the important information contained on their labels.

Safety is obviously the number one concern when it comes to tire maintenance. But if your tires are underinflated you’re also costing yourself money. Underinflated tires reduce your vehicle's fuel economy and increase the amount of greenhouse gases and other pollutants that fossil-fuel-burning vehicles put into the air. Keeping your tires properly inflated can save you up to 11 cents per gallon. Your tires will also last longer, as proper tire inflation can extend a tire’s life by 4,700 miles.

Tire safety and maintenance are especially important for 15-passenger vans. Excessively worn or improperly inflated tires can lead to a loss of vehicle control and possibly a rollover. NHTSA research also shows that 15-passenger vans have a rollover risk that increases dramatically as the number of occupants increases from fewer than five to more than ten. So take special care if you drive or ride in one of these vehicles. Inspect the tires and check tire pressure before each use.

Wherever you travel this summer or beyond, remember: your safety is riding on your tires, so take care of them. Before you take to the road, tend to your tires.