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For more than 50 years, NHTSA has been working to reduce deaths and injuries on our roads. These efforts have left to historically low rates of deaths and injuries. To continue building on this trend, NHTSA is committed to working on innovative new ways to make our roadways safer. Keeping the American public safe on our roadways can only be achieved in partnership with all stakeholders and public outreach is a vital component to our combined success.

As part of NHTSA’s efforts, we hosted a number of meetings and forums to explore new approaches to highway safety with our many partners on specific safety issues. Information and materials from these events are available here.


53 Results
Date Title Location Location
Lun, 04/03/2023 Distracted Driving Prevention  Seattle Convention Center; Arch Building Exhibit Hall; NHTSA Exhibit Booth
705 Pike Street
Seattle, Washington
Mar, 12/13/2022 Drive Sober Holiday Kickoff Event Virtual Event
Dom, 11/06/2022 Human Subjects for Biomechanical Research Workshop 1701 California Street
Denver, Colorado
Mar, 11/01/2022 NHTSA Safety Research Portfolio Public Meeting: Fall 2022 Virtual Event
Sáb, 09/17/2022 GHSA Annual Meeting Louisville Marriott Downtown 280 W Jefferson St
Louisville, Kentucky
Mié, 08/17/2022 August/Labor Day Impaired Driving High-Visibility Enforcement Kickoff Virtual Event
Mar, 07/19/2022 Speeding Wrecks Lives Virtual Event
Mar, 07/12/2022 Corporate Average Fuel Economy Reporting Template Workshop Virtual Event
Jue, 05/12/2022 Click It or Ticket Virtual Event
Lun, 04/04/2022 Distracted Driving | U Drive. U Text. U Pay. Virtual Event
Vie, 04/01/2022 Corporate Average Fuel Economy Announcement Virtual Event
Dom, 03/13/2022 Lifesavers Conference 2022 Hyatt Regency Chicago 151 E Wacker Drive
Chicago, Illinois
Mar, 12/14/2021 Drive Sober Holiday Kickoff
Mar, 11/02/2021 Tribal Traffic Safety Initiative, Four Corners and Beyond Virtual Event
Mar, 10/26/2021 Human Subjects for Biomechanical Research Workshop Virtual Event