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Public Hearing: Corporate Average Fuel Economy Standards


Virtual Event

September 28, 2023
9 a.m. to 6 p.m. ET

NHTSA is announcing a virtual public hearing to be held September 28, 2023, on its proposal for the Corporate Average Fuel Economy Standards for Passenger Cars and Light Trucks for Model Years 2027–2032 and Fuel Efficiency Standards for Heavy-Duty Pickup Trucks and Vans for Model Years 2030–2035, which was signed on July 28, 2023. This hearing also allows the public to provide oral comments regarding the Draft Environmental Impact Statement that accompanies the proposal.

Those who wished to provide oral comments signed up by September 22. Based on the number of people who signed up to speak, this hearing will not go into a second day. The schedule for Thursday, September 28 is below.


The below schedule was published ahead of the hearing on September 28. Some speakers spoke earlier than their scheduled time so the order of speakers in the recording may not reflect with the below order. 


Hour:Minute:Second | ET First Name Last Name Organization (As Submitted)
9:00:00 AM Moderator Welcome
9:02:00 AM Opening Remarks
9:05:00 AM Chris Nevers Rivian
9:08:15 AM Paul Billings American Lung Association
9:11:30 AM Diana Van Vleet American Lung Association
9:14:45 AM Laura Bender American Lung Association
9:18:00 AM Dave Cooke Union of Concerned Scientists
9:21:15 AM Sarah Bucic Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments (ANHE)
9:24:30 AM Michael Hartrick Alliance for Automotive Innovation
9:27:45 AM Kathy Harris Natural Resources Defense Council
9:31:00 AM Quinta Warren Consumer Reports
9:34:15 AM Andrea Marpillero Colomina GreenLatinos
9:37:30 AM Alex Boesenberg MEMA
9:40:45 AM Ileagh MacIvers Interfaith Power & Light
9:44:00 AM Michael Geller MECA Clean Mobility
9:47:15 AM Elizabeth Brandt Moms Clean Air Force
9:50:30 AM Elizabeth Bechard Moms Clean Air Force
9:53:45 AM Alexa Aispuro Chispa - LCV
9:57:00 AM Melody Reis Moms Clean Air Force
10:00:15 AM Arielle Jacus Laudato Si' Advocates Program
10:03:30 AM Matthew Cutrona United States Conference of Catholic Bishops: Laudato Si' Advocates Program
10:06:45 AM Fred Scherlinder Dobb Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life
10:10:00 AM Julia Nakhleh
10:13:15 AM Ryan McGoldrick Conservation Voters for Idaho
10:16:30 AM Julia DeGraw Oregon League of Conservation Voters
10:19:45 AM JM Crocetti Wisconsin Conservation Voters
10:23:00 AM Andrew Langer Center for Regulatory Freedom
10:26:15 AM Justin Morgan Laudato Si' Advocates
10:29:30 AM Beatriz Soto Protegete for Conservation Colorado
10:32:45 AM Phyllis Terwilliger United Women in Faith
10:36:00 AM Will Vuncannon United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
10:39:15 AM Frank Beltran Chispa NV
10:42:30 AM Kristin Gomez Hyundai Motor NA
10:45:45 AM Daneil McCarthy Sierra Club Delaware
10:49:00 AM Ethan McMahon EM Environmental Solutions
10:52:15 AM Trisha DelloIacono CALSTART
10:55:30 AM Natalie Pien League of Conservation Voters
10:58:45 AM Daivie Ghosh American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE)
11:02:00 AM Marisa Olszewski Maryland League of Conservation Voters
11:05:15 AM Sandra Purohit E2
11:08:30 AM Debra Rappaport MN Rabbinical Association
11:11:45 AM Gloria Guardado Chispa
11:15:00 AM Rob Werner League of Conservation Voters
11:18:15 AM Bradford Davis Honda
11:21:30 AM Adam Nolan New Jersey League of Conservation Voters
11:24:45 AM Ian Kolesinskas self
11:28:00 AM Emilee Chaclas Sierra Club IL Chapter
11:31:15 AM Jocelyn Leroux Montana Conservation Voters
11:34:30 AM Matthew Davis League of Conservation Voters
11:37:45 AM Mark Gajda Semi-Retired
11:41:00 AM Jessica Goad Conservation Colorado
11:44:15 AM Thomas Boylan Zero Emission Transportation Association (ZETA)
11:47:30 AM Lisa Cohn Metro Climate Action Team Transportation committee
11:50:45 AM Meghan Hoskins League of Conservation Voters
11:54:00 AM Jeanne Woodbury Creosote Partners
11:57:15 AM Mark Juedeman
12:00:30 PM Mackenzie Dix Vermont Natural Resources Council
12:03:45 PM Jane Stackhouse MCAT
12:07:00 PM Robert Pinsonneault New Hampshire Health Care Workers for Climate Action and Conservation Law Foundation
12:10:15 PM Jenna Riemenschneider Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America
12:13:30 PM Joan Brown New Mexico and El Paso interfaith power and light
12:16:45 PM Susan Hendershot Interfaith Power & Light
12:20:00 PM Patrick Kelly AFPM
12:23:15 PM Clara Sims New Mexico & El Paso Region Interfaith Power and Light
12:26:30 PM John Tynan Conservation Voters of South Carolina
12:29:45 PM Lunch
1:00:00 PM Welcome Back
1:01:00 PM Jeff Weber Anderson-Weber Inc.
1:04:15 PM Chelsea Johnson
1:07:30 PM Noe Granados Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism
1:10:45 PM Patrick McClellan New York League of Conservation Voters
1:14:00 PM Riya Choudhury Climate Action PA
1:17:15 PM Joel Menchaca C
1:20:30 PM Eliseo Magos Chispa Maryland - MDLCV
1:23:45 PM Maria Enriquez Chispa MD
1:27:00 PM Michael Petelle citizen
1:30:15 PM Jamie Dow
1:33:30 PM Liz Scott American Lung Association
1:36:45 PM Bryan Burton American Lung Association
1:40:00 PM Cassandra Carmichael National Religious Partnership for the Environment
1:43:15 PM Prianka Sharma American Road and Transportation Builders Association
1:46:30 PM Jacob Jones NRDC AF
1:49:45 PM East Peterson-Trujillo Public Citizen
1:53:00 PM Jessica Mengistab Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments
1:56:15 PM Edward LaBelle
1:59:30 PM Alexandra Grose Consumer Reports
2:02:45 PM Bryan Just API
2:06:00 PM Rachel Patterson Evergreen Action
2:09:15 PM Julianna Garreffa NRDC Action Fund
2:12:30 PM Michelle Carter NCLCV
2:15:45 PM Chris Harto Consumer Reports
2:19:00 PM Michael Kodransky Ceres
2:22:15 PM Kathleen Meil Maine Conservation Voters
2:25:30 PM Tyler Duke McFarland NCLCV
2:28:45 PM Cairo Moorman
2:32:00 PM Ben Prochazka Electrification Coalition
2:35:15 PM Anne Blair Electrification Coalition
2:38:30 PM Sarah Carter Laudato Si' Advocates Program
2:41:45 PM Tricia Yacovone-Biagi
2:45:00 PM Rabbi Elyse Wechterman Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association
2:48:15 PM Rabbi Daniel Swartz Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life
2:51:30 PM Sheril Steinberg Mi Familia Vota
2:54:45 PM Angela Xu Illinois Environmental Council
2:58:00 PM Art Terrazas
3:01:15 PM Brian Ettling OLCV (Oregon League of Conservation Voters) and MCAT (Metro Climate Action Team)
3:04:30 PM Darien Davis League of Conservation Voters (LCV)
3:07:45 PM Edward DeWitt
3:11:00 PM Lori Brown Connecticut League of Conservation Voters
3:14:15 PM David Carter Lucid Motors
3:17:30 PM Bruce Cole Electric Vehicle Association of South Carolina
3:20:45 PM Israel Harris Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life
3:24:00 PM Will Barrett American Lung Association
3:24:00 PM Estefany Carrasco-Gonzalez Chispa LCV
3:27:15 PM Cara Cook
3:30:30 PM Scott Hochberg Center for Biological Diversity
3:33:45 PM Mark Rose National Parks Conservation Association
3:37:00 PM Gloria E. Barrera ANHE
3:40:15 PM Mariela Ruacho American Lung Association
3:43:30 PM Viktor Munson
3:46:45 PM Jules Au-Hart
3:50:00 PM Rebekah Whilden Sierra Club
3:53:15 PM Madison King Laudato Si’ Advocates
3:56:30 PM Will Anderson Sierra Club
3:59:45 PM Jesse Piedfort Sierra Club
4:03:00 PM Greta Solbrig Laudato Si' Advocates Program
4:06:15 PM Leaha Viscounte Laudato Si’ Advocates Program
4:09:30 PM Alexis O’Neal Laudato Si Advocates
4:12:45 PM Katie Brown National Religious Partnership for the Environment
4:16:00 PM Jessica Moerman Evangelical Environmental Network
4:19:15 PM Chris Chyung
4:22:30 PM Riley Dean The Ohio Environmental Council Action Fund
4:25:45 PM Roselie Bright self
4:29:00 PM Jose Luis Chavez Chispa NV
4:32:15 PM Juan Carlos Guardado Chispa NV
4:35:30 PM Frank Beltran Chispa NV
4:38:45 PM Howard Watts Nevada Conservation League
4:42:00 PM Franklin Mac Sierra Club volunteer
4:45:15 PM Kaitlin Repp The Laudato Si’ Advocates Program
4:48:30 PM Guadalupe Lyn Climate Action
4:51:45 PM Kate Wasson Laudato Si
4:55:00 PM Jodeci Weems Laudato Si
4:58:15 PM Michael McClain National Religious Partnership for the Environment
5:01:30 PM Rabbi Emily Losben-Ostrov Temple of Israel, Wilmington NC
5:04:45 PM Thor Hinckley Metropolitan Climate Action Team
5:08:00 PM Tian Tian Forest Hills Green Team
5:11:15 PM Lindsey Chisholm LCV
5:14:30 PM Janice Quinn Climate Action
5:17:45 PM Karyn Caraway Climate Action
5:21:00 PM David McClenton Climate Action
5:24:15 PM Larry Thompson Portland Metro Climate Action Team
5:27:30 PM Michaela Daugherty Nebraska Conservation Voters
5:30:45 PM Jack Colbert Conservation Voters of Pennsylvania
5:34:00 PM Aaron McCall California Environmental Voters
5:37:15 PM Sergio Avila Climate Action
5:40:30 PM Bentley Johnson Michigan League of Conservation Voters
5:43:45 PM Thor Hinckley Metropolitan Climate Action Team
5:47:00 PM Ann Mesnikoff Environmental Law & Policy Center
5:50:15 PM Alyson Wert Conservation Voters of PA
5:53:30 PM Rachel Christensen The Alaska Center
5:56:45 PM Jeremy Lipshaw Union of Concerned Scientists
6:00:00 PM Closing

NHTSA Representatives

The following NHTSA representatives are scheduled to listen to the oral comments: 

  • Ann Carlson, Acting Administrator 
  • Callie Roach, Attorney-Advisor
  • Don Baskin, General Engineer
  • Everett Sargent, General Engineer
  • Gonzalo Saenz, General Engineer
  • Hannah Fish, Attorney-Advisor
  • Jessica Suda, General Engineer
  • Joseph Bayer, Chief of Fuel Economy
  • Keith Meyers, Economist
  • Kevin Morrison, General Engineer
  • Paul Connet, Attorney-Advisor
  • Rebecca Schade, Attorney-Advisor
  • Ryan Posten, Associate Administrator of Rulemaking
  • Seiar Zia, Deputy Chief of Fuel Economy

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NHTSA is committed to providing equal access to this event for all participants. People with disabilities who need accommodations should send a request to no later than September 22.