NHTSA Leadership

Meet Key Officials

Chief Counsel: Ann Carlson

NHTSA Chief Counsel Ann Carlson oversees legal services across the agency, including the agency’s statutory authorities. Her office supports NHTSA’s mission in a variety of ways, including setting and enforcing fuel economy standards for cars and trucks, setting and enforcing vehicle safety standards, and overseeing investigations and litigation.

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Executive Director: Jack Danielson

Jack Danielson serves as the Executive Director of NHTSA, overseeing the agency’s daily operations, internal management, and mission support programs, and providing executive direction over the Chief Financial Officer, the Chief Information Officer, and NHTSA’s eight Associate Administrators. In his capacity, Mr. Danielson serves as the agency’s senior career official supporting the NHTSA Administrator in providing leadership and establishing direction on policies, budgets, and the strategic priorities of a multifaceted organization with a budget of $911 million and 626 full-time employees located throughout the country.

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Chief Safety Scientist: Joseph Kolly

Dr. Joseph M. Kolly is NHTSA's first chief safety scientist, advising the Administrator on technical and safety related matters, and applying years of experience in transportation safety, investigation, and scientific research across NHTSA’s traffic safety portfolio

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Director, Civil Rights: Regina Morgan

Regina Morgan serves as the Administrator’s principal staff advisor on all matters pertaining to civil rights. In this role, she directs the Agency’s internal Equal Employment Opportunity and external Equal Opportunity programs, and also provides assistance to the Office of the Secretary in investigating and resolving formal civil rights complaints of discrimination. Ms. Morgan works to ensure that civil rights are integrated into NHTSA’s core safety mission of saving lives, preventing injuries, and reducing crashes.

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Chief Financial Officer: Cynthia Parker

Cynthia Parker serves as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for NHTSA, where she oversees three divisions and 24 employees responsible for financial management and audits, acquisitions, and budget performance and execution with oversight of the Agency’s $1 billion+ funding portfolio.

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Associate Administrator, Administration: Annie Collins

Annie Collins serves as Associate Administrator for Administration at NHTSA, providing leadership to the Offices of Human Resources, Administrative and Management Services, and the Executive Secretary to facilitate support of all NHTSA program offices. She joined NHTSA in April 2020 from Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration where she served as the Associate Administrator for Field Operations since 2010. 

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Chief Technology Officer: Rajeev Dolas

Rajeev Dolas serves as NHTSA’s Chief Technology Officer. As CTO, Mr. Dolas provides leadership and oversight for NHTSA’s information technology systems and services that provide essential support for NHTSA’s live-saving mission and meet the needs of the American public.  

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Associate Administrator, Communications and Consumer Information: Julie Vallese

Julie Vallese serves as Associate Administrator for Communications and Consumer Information. She manages the office responsible for providing accurate and timely vehicle and traffic safety information to consumers, media and partner organizations. Her office works closely with NHTSA program offices to conduct market research, develop external communication strategies, implement advertising campaigns and develop communication material in support of vehicle and traffic safety.

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Associate Administrator, Research and Program Development: Nanda Srinivasan

Nanda Srinivasan is the Associate Administrator for Research and Program Development at NHTSA, where he oversees four offices that formulate, implement, and evaluate traffic safety programs. In this role, he is responsible for developing programs to increase seat belt use, to decrease impaired driving, and to improve the safety of motorcyclists, bicyclists, pedestrians, older drivers, and emergency medical services.

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Associate Administrator, Regional Operations and Program Delivery: Jamie Pfister

Jamie Pfister serves as Associate Administrator for Regional Operations and Program Delivery at NHTSA. She recently came to NHTSA after working for more than 7 years at the Federal Transit Administration (FTA).

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Associate Administrator, National Center for Statistics and Analysis: Dr. Chou-Lin Chen

Dr. Chou-Lin Chen serves as Associate Administrator for the National Center for Statistics and Analysis (NCSA) at NHTSA. Dr. Chen began her career with NHTSA in 2002, where she served as Lead Mathematical Statistician and Team Leader, directing an analytical team in support of highway safety-related research analysis. 

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Associate Administrator, Vehicle Safety Research: Cem Hatipoglu

Cem Hatipoglu serves as the Associate Administrator for Vehicle Safety Research at NHTSA. He is responsible for NHTSA’s vehicle safety research activities, which are focused on achieving the agency’s mission of reducing fatalities and injuries caused by motor vehicle crashes. This work includes developing and conducting research on vehicle automation, cybersecurity, vehicle connectivity, and vehicle crash safety. 

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Associate Administrator, Rulemaking: Ryan Posten

Ryan Posten has served in the Department of Transportation (DOT) for more than 26 years in various escalating roles and responsibilities to advance safety in the United States. Since August 2014, Mr. Posten has served as NHTSA's Associate Administrator for Rulemaking. The office develops and promulgates Federal safety standards and regulations for motor vehicle safety, including crash protection, survivability, and avoidance. 

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Associate Administrator, Enforcement: Jeffrey Giuseppe

With a NHTSA career spanning 28 years, Jeffrey Giuseppe serves as the Associate Administrator for Enforcement, where he is the principal advisor and consultant to the executive director and other top-level officials, internal and external to NHTSA, on matters relating to enforcement actions taken by the agency. 

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