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NHTSA's Core Values

Commitment to Serving the Public


Save lives, prevent injuries and reduce economic costs due to road traffic crashes, through education, research, safety standards and enforcement activity.

NHTSA aims to be the global leader in motor vehicle and highway safety.

NHTSA is dedicated to achieving the highest standards of excellence in motor vehicle and highway safety. The agency strives to exceed the expectations of the American traveling public through its core values of Integrity, Service and Leadership.

NHTSA seeks to assure the integrity of agency policies, programs and operations.

  • NHTSA employs scientifically sound methods to ensure the quality and integrity of data underpinning our regulations and policies.
  • NHTSA strives to achieve transparency, balance, and fairness in agency policy and rulemaking activities, considering the views of all interested parties.
  • NHTSA aims for the highest standards of ethical conduct in carrying out its official duties.

NHTSA provides leadership to the motor vehicle and highway safety community through the development of innovative approaches to reducing motor vehicle crashes and injuries.

  • NHTSA spearheads innovative research and data analysis critical to motor vehicle and highway safety.
  • NHTSA leads the Nation by setting the motor vehicle and highway safety agenda.
  • NHTSA serves as the catalyst for addressing critical safety issues that affect the motor vehicle and highway safety communities.

NHTSA commits to providing premier service, internally and externally, through mutual respect, collaboration and accessibility.

  • NHTSA encourages an environment of mutual respect among employees.
  • NHTSA promotes collaboration with motor vehicle and highway safety partners and communities.
  • NHTSA provides a variety of resources critical to motor vehicle and highway safety through staff, products and technical information.

NHTSA is committed to providing the most accurate and complete information available to the American traveling public, in a helpful and courteous fashion. In all of our activities, we will strive to meet or beat our established deadlines for providing customer service.