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AV TEST Initiative

Automated Vehicle Transparency and Engagement for Safe Testing Initiative


Test Tracking Tool  

As automated driving systems developers continue to improve their systems, they validate their laboratory and track-testing with controlled testing on public roads. Now, states and companies can voluntarily submit information about automated vehicles and testing to NHTSA, as part of the AV TEST Initiative. Below is the interactive tool the agency developed so the public can view the information. Please note that this is intended to be a tool that will be updated frequently as participants add or modify their information, as new participants are added, and as data fields are added or modified.


Navigating the Tracking Tool


The Automated Vehicle Transparency and Engagement for Safe Testing Initiative tracking tool is divided into three tabs at the top: Testing Locations, State Info, and Company Info. Each clickable tab contains separate and specific information regarding automated driving systems across the nation.

The opening view is an overview map and provides a visual display of testing locations that have been reported to NHTSA as part of this web pilot. This tool does not represent all testing activity throughout the United States – only what our initial set of participants have provided.

Users may zoom in and out on the map.

What Visitors Will See

Red dot 

Each red dot represents a location where a company has reported testing or demonstrating ADS. Larger dots indicate a company that has reported a higher number of vehicles being tested at that location. Each dot is clickable, and detailed information about testing at that location will appear in a popup box. In some cases, two testing locations are close to one another and red dots may overlap. If that happens, “1 of X” (X=number of testing locations) will appear at the top of the popup box; use the arrows to click between the details of the different testing locations.

Popup box

Each popup box, accessed by clicking on a red dot, contains information about testing at the specific location. As stated above, some popup boxes may give the option to click between more than one location in the area, but the content of each popup box is specific to the location shown.

The information in the popup box is presented by data elements. These data elements may vary based on testing location. Companies can choose which elements in a set of data elements they submit to NHTSA during this initiative, since AV TEST is a voluntary program. The following are testing location data elements from which companies can choose to submit data.

Operation Status: Describes whether the testing location has testing activities that are currently active (where the public may encounter vehicles), temporarily inactive, or completed. If active, additional information on whether testing is happening along a specific route or within a zone may appear.

Activity: Describes how the vehicle is being used during the testing. Examples may include: limited demonstration, longer duration testing activity, or commercial use.

Vehicle: Describes the type of vehicle being used at the testing location. Examples may include: a passenger car, SUV, light or heavy truck, bus, shuttle or delivery robot. Make and model of the vehicle may also appear.

Number of Vehicles (approx.): Provides the approximate number of vehicles being tested at a testing location.

Top Operational Speed: Provides the maximum speed (mph) for the testing vehicle in use at the location.

Road: Describes the type of road on which the testing vehicle is operating. Examples may include: public or private road, testing track, highway, rural road, business campus or at a university.

Safety Driver: Describes how the vehicle is monitored for safe operation and how operation can be taken over in emergency. This can include an in-vehicle human driver or remote monitoring. The role of the safety driver will vary with operation.

Use: Describes the manner of use of the testing vehicles and, subsequently, the public’s potential interaction. Examples may include: for public use, providing a transportation or delivery service, or vehicles that are being tested by employees.

AV Technology by: Provides the company designing and developing the ADS equipped on the vehicle tested at a location.

Vehicle Manufacturer: Provides the manufacturer of the vehicle used in testing. This may be different from the company that is designing or developing the ADS.

Site Coordinator: Provides the name of the entity primarily responsible for testing at a location. This entity can be different from the company that designed the AV technology or the vehicle manufacturer.

Site Operator: Provides the name of the entity responsible for the Safety Driver and physical operation of the testing vehicle. This entity can be different from the Site Coordinator.

Routes or zone view 

Companies have the option to draw a specific route where testing is happening, or highlight a zone where they are testing. If a route or zone was submitted, it will appear when zooming into a location. 

Routes: Drawn with a blue line. 

Zones: Highlighted with a transparent red shape.

A route or zone is only associated with one testing location. But, because some testing locations are in close proximity, routes and zones may appear as though they are associated with multiple locations. Additional information about whether it’s a zone or route testing location can be found in the popup box, under Operation Status. Visitors can also Filter by Company in the top right of the map to filter out other testing locations within view. 

Road and Vehicle Type charts 

There are two charts provided within the Testing Locations section. The first chart titled Testing Sites by Road Type provides the number of testing locations based on the different road types. The second chart titled Testing Sites by Vehicle Type provides the number of testing locations operating with the various vehicle types. The bars in the chart are interactive; click any of the gold bars and the location map will display testing locations corresponding to the selection. These charts will adjust automatically as zooming in or filtering.

Filter by State or Company

In the bar above the location map, visitors can filter the map display by a particular state or company. Once a selection is made, the map and corresponding charts will automatically adjust to display red dots for locations based on the selection. To turn off these filters, choose Select All.

The opening view includes a highlighted map on the left. The highlighted states represent states that have submitted information related to automated driving systems to NHTSA. On the right, is a full list of state information submitted to NHTSA.

Navigating the map

Click on a state and the information on the right will filter to include just information for that state. Click outside the state to remove the filter. The view on a mobile device may differ slightly. 

List view

Each Learn More link in the list takes visitors to a web link that was provided by the state participant.

The opening view contains a list of the nine companies participating in the AV TEST Initiative web pilot. On the right, is a full list of information that companies have submitted about automated driving systems. The view on a mobile device may differ slightly. 

Navigating the list

Click on any of the companies and the list on the right will filter to just show information the company has submitted so far. 

Some companies are still in the process of submitting this information, so visitors may see “no data” display. If so, check back, as companies plan to submit information on a routine basis.

Filter company list 

Visitors can filter the company list. Click the filter icon to the top right of the company list. Check the boxes to filter by ADS Developer, ADS Manufacturer or Vehicle Operator. Then, click the down icon next to number selected text, then click apply.

NHTSA Records display 

Some entries were updated to the AV TEST Initiative tracking tool by NHTSA with the company’s permission. See our FAQ section for more information.

About the AV TEST Initiative

NHTSA launched the AV TEST Initiative in June 2020 with states, local governments, and private-sector stakeholders throughout the driving automation community. The goal of the initiative is to provide the public with direct and easy access to information about testing of ADS-equipped vehicles, information from states regarding activity, legislation, regulations, local involvement in automation on our roadways, and information provided by companies developing and testing ADS. This in turn, increases the public awareness of on-road testing, safety precautions, and principles guiding the testing. One of the ways NHTSA is improving public awareness is the AV TEST Initiative, shown above. This initiative is another way that NHTSA is working with governmental and private stakeholders to facilitate the safe development, testing, integration, and education of driving automation technology in the United States.

What’s Next for the AV TEST Initiative

NHTSA will continue to gather more information from states, local jurisdictions, and companies to share with the public. In addition, NHTSA is expanding this initiative to include more companies, states and local jurisdictions. Our interactive site is the most direct way to view information provided by AV TEST Initiative participants and reported through Voluntary Safety Self-Assessments. Additionally, NHTSA hosts public meetings and panel discussions to further educate the public and our stakeholders as automation moves forward. As companies and states add new information to the tracking tool, the website will be updated. Visitors can sign up to get email alerts when new information is released about the AV TEST Initiative.

Q: How were the states and companies chosen for the program? 

A: Company and state participants involved in this initiative volunteered and were identified as providing a representative cross section of the AV community to include a variety of vehicle types and uses, company types, and geographic locations. NHTSA appreciated the useful information these volunteers provided. As the program matures, the number of active participants will increase.

Q: What does NHTSA Records mean?

A: An entry by NHTSA Records means that the information was previously submitted to NHTSA for another purpose. The state or company has since given NHTSA permission to include their information as part of AV TEST Initiative.

Q: Who can be part of the AV TEST Initiative?

A: Participants in the AV TEST Initiative are stakeholders in on-road testing of automated vehicles in the United States – developers, testers, operators, manufacturers, states, and other governmental entities. Those interested in learning more about being a participant should email

Q: Is this all the AV testing happening across the United States? 

A: No, this is not a complete list of all testing activity across the nation. The program represents governmental and private stakeholders who have volunteered to provide information. Additional information will be added as the program matures, and we anticipate that over time the information available in this tool will become more robust. Some program participants may choose to not report all their testing. If a member of the public becomes aware of any errors, they may contact the participant or NHTSA directly.

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