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Increasing Seat Belt Use Among 8- to 15-Year-Olds


The broad aim of this research project was to determine the nature and causes of non-use of seat belts among 8- to 15- year-olds, and to recommend interventions and strategic approaches to increase usage among this age group. This report provides detailed background information from three phases of research: a literature review; 28 in-home family immersion interviews conducted in Illinois, Georgia, and Arizona; and detailed findings from qualitative testing of intervention concepts through 96 triads among tweens aged 8-15, six focus groups with parents in Pennsylvania, Iowa, Wisconsin, and California, and two focus groups with adult/teen influencers in Iowa and California. Interventions tested included those based on new products, community and school influence, communications, and key influencers (parents, older teens).

DOT HS 810 965 - Volume I: Findings

DOT HS 810 966 - Volume II: Appendices