M. Guy Dorleans
International Regulatory Affairs Manager
34, rue Saint-AndrJ
93012 Bobigny

Dear M. Dorleans:

We have received your letter of January 31, 1996, asking for confirmation that certain motor vehicle equipment being manufactured by Valeo is considered a replaceable headlamp lens for purposes of Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 108. You have enclosed drawings to assist us in this interpretation.

The drawings show that the "replaceable lens" as you term it is a bonded assembly of an opaque device and a translucent device. The translucent device seems intended to be placed in front of two unidentified light sources (we assume that at least one of these provides headlighting). The opaque device serves as the spacer to locate the translucent device as just stated. We confirm that this equipment is a "replaceable lens" within the meaning of Standard No. 108 even though it does contain opaque material.

You have stated that the markings required by S7.2(e) (for a replacement headlamp lens with seal are "placed on the upper flange of the opaque part." In this position, it appears that the markings will not be visible when the headlamp is installed. Paragraph S7.2(a) requires that the lens of each replacement equipment headlamp be marked with the symbol "DOT" which constitutes the manufacturer's certification of compliance with all applicable standards. For purposes of complying with S7.2(a), and to reassure the public of the

compliance of the headlamp, we urge that Valeo ensure that the DOT marking is applied to the front of the lens where it will be visible to an observer after it has been installed.

If you have any questions, you may refer them to Taylor Vinson of this Office (202-366-5263).


Samuel J. Dubbin Chief Counsel ref:108 d:3/14/96