The Honorable David L. Hobson
U.S. House of Representatives
212 S. Broad Street
Room 55
Lancaster, OH 43130-4389

Attention: Bob Clark

Dear Mr. Hobson:

This responds to your letter of December 20, 1996, to Ms. Carmen Rivers-Glagola of the Department, on behalf of your constituent, Stephen Reeves of Chillicothe. According to Mr. Reeves' letter to you dated December 12, he seeks "waivers or a change in the law for vehicle length."

None of the Federal motor vehicle safety standards, laws, or other regulations of this agency establish limits on the length of a motor vehicle. Federal Highway Administration regulations impose certain length limits on combination vehicles with two or more cargo-carrying units (see 49 CFR 658.23 and Appendix C to Part 658). Most of the states also enforce overall length limits on straight trucks, but we are not conversant with state laws and therefore cannot advise you on this point. We suggest that Mr. Reeves contact the Ohio Department of Motor Vehicles in Columbus to see whether your state has or knows of restrictions of this nature. It should be noted, however, that Mr. Reeves' unwillingness to be specific about the vehicle in question makes it difficult to answer his question precisely.

If Mr. Reeves has been misinformed about our regulations, we would be pleased to try to clarify the matter for him. He may telephone Taylor Vinson of the Office of Chief Counsel at (202) 366-5263.


John Womack

Acting Chief Counsel