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Interpretation ID: aiam2016

William S. Hart, Esq., Harney, Bambic & Moore, Attorneys at Law, 650 South Grand Avenue, Los Angeles, California 90017; William S. Hart
Bambic & Moore
Attorneys at Law
650 South Grand Avenue
Los Angeles
California 90017;

Dear Mr. Hart: Please forgive the delay in responding to your letter of April 5, 1975 requesting an interpretation of Section 202 of the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act of 1966.; Section 202 does not directly require any motor vehicle to be equippe with appropriate tires. It instructs this agency to establish, by regulation, motor vehicle safety standards which will in turn require vehicles to be so equipped. Standard No. 110, *Tire selection and rims--passenger cars*, implements this instruction with respect to passenger cars. A three-quarter-ton pick-up truck, however, would be subject instead to proposed Standard No. 120, *Tire selection and rims for motor vehicles other than passenger cars* (copy enclosed). The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration expects to act on that proposal in the near future.; Standards issued pursuant to section 202 do not apply to vehicles afte they have been purchased for the purpose of being rented of leased to the general public, they are applicable only to vehicles up to the point of first purchase.; Sincerely, Frank Berndt, Acting Chief Counsel