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Interpretation ID: aiam3192

Mr. Sylvester P. Gagnon, 3919 Third Avenue, Sioux city, Iowa 51106; Mr. Sylvester P. Gagnon
3919 Third Avenue
Sioux city
Iowa 51106;

Dear Mr. Gagnon: This responds to your October 22, 1979, letter which was referred to u by the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators. In that letter, you ask about your proposed emergency notification system that would use numbers to inform other drivers of a disabled car's mechanical problem.; The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration does not endors specified products. The agency has a safety standard that requires emergency warning devices to be of a uniform construction. That standard is located in Volume 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations, Part 571.125. Emergency warning devices are devices that alert drivers to the presence of a disabled vehicle. Your device, however, is not used to warn drivers of the presence to a disabled vehicle. It would alert drivers to the nature if a vehicle's disability. the agency concludes, therefore, that you would not be prohibited from offering this device for sale as motor vehicle equipment.; Sincerely, Frank Berndt, Chief Counsel