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Interpretation ID: aiam3486

Ms. Shirley C. Jennings, President, DeJen Products Co., 26 Belridge Road, New Britain, CT 06053; Ms. Shirley C. Jennings
DeJen Products Co.
26 Belridge Road
New Britain
CT 06053;

Dear Ms. Jennings: This responds to your recent letter to Administrator Peck regarding warning device you have developed called 'Call Safe.' This product is a reflective letter 'H' which is designed to be placed inside the rear window or windshield of a motor vehicle to call for help. You ask the agency to advertise the avialability of your device in its newsletter.; Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 125 (49 CFR 571.125 establishes requirements for emergency warning devices. The standard requires waring devices to be of a uniform construction. Emergency warning devices, for purposes of this standard, are devices which alert drivers to the presence of a disabled vehicle. We assume your device is designed to signal for help concerning *any* emergency in the vehicle, and not just to warn approaching drivers of a disabled car. For example, 'Call Safe' could be used by a driver who has suddenly become ill and needs help. If this is true, the agency would conclude that Standard No. 125 does not apply to the 'Call Safe' device and you, therefore, would not be prohibited by the standard from offering this device for sale as motor vehicle equipment.; Regarding your request, the National Highway Traffic Safet Administration does not endorse specific products. Please contact this office if you need further assistance.; Sincerely, Frank Berndt, Chief Counsel