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Interpretation ID: nht73-6.22

DATE: October 26, 1973

FROM: Richard B. Dyson -- Assistant Chief Counsel, NHTSA

TO: Brian Gill -- Assistant Manager, Safety & Environmental Activities, American Honda Motor Company


ATTACHMT: Attached to letter dated 12-24-90 to Stanley S. Zinner from Paul Jackson Rice (A37; Std. 123); Also attached to letter dated 12-4-90 to Paul Jackson Rice from Stanley S. Zinner (OCC 5479); Also attached to letter dated 2-16-82 to Brian Gill from Frank Berndt (Std. 123)


This is in reply to your letter of 0ctober 9, 1973, to Mr. Vinson of this office asking whether S5.2.5 of Standard No. 123 requires footrests to fold automatically when not in use.

The standard does not require automatic folding. S5.2.5 states only the direction in which footrests shall retract, so that if they are inadvertently left down when not in use they will fold rearward and upward should they hit an obstacle while the motorcycle is travelling forward.