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National EMS Week: Recognizing EMS Professionals

This past year has been full of adaptation – wearing masks, virtual school, and teleworking, just to name a few. However, there are some things we can still count on, and one of those is the response to a 911 call. 

Emergency Medical Technicians respond to more than 200 million calls each year, and in the past year, their response has been nothing short of extraordinary. They faced the unknowns of the public health crisis, shortages of personal protective equipment, the possibility of separation from their families — and the subsequent impact on their own physical and mental health.

Despite these obstacles, paramedics, EMTs and other EMS practitioners across the country continue to find new ways to help communities, such as assisting with COVID-19 testing and vaccinations. New technologies, including telehealth platforms, have made it possible for EMS to connect patients directly with physicians and avoid unnecessary trips to an emergency room.

During National EMS Week, we’re taking time to thank EMS professionals who give so much to their communities – and we encourage you to do the same. This year’s theme, “This is EMS: Caring for Our Communities,” reminds us that the most critical pieces of an EMS system aren’t lights and sirens – it’s people. It takes a system to save a life, and that’s a network of people who are dedicated to serving their communities.

While showing your appreciation in person this year may be difficult, we encourage you to share your gratitude on social media. Visit the National Association for EMTs, or the American College of Emergency Physicians to get more information about National EMS week.