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Consumer Advisory: Are the Senior Citizens in Your Life Safe to Drive?

Older Driver Safety Awareness Week runs December 7-11

| Washington, DC

As our nation’s senior population grows, it’s more important than ever to talk with the older drivers in your life about safety on our roads.  That’s why the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is designating the week of December 7-11 as Older Driver Safety Awareness Week.

The number of Americans ages 65 and older increased by 32% from 2009 to 2018, and crash fatalities in this age group increased by 30%.

Getting older does not necessarily mean a person’s driving days are over, but it’s important to plan ahead to ensure the safety of your loved ones on the road.  NHTSA offers resources to help you learn more about how to recognize and discuss changes in your loved ones’ driving.  For more information, visit our resource page.

This Older Driver Safety Awareness Week, protect your loved ones by learning about the factors that can affect one’s ability to drive safely, as well as transportation alternatives.  Talking with an older person about their driving can often be difficult, but it’s important — especially before it becomes a safety issue.

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