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NHTSA Launches Influencer Campaign to Educate Drivers on Safety Features

Digital Partnership with Jason Fenske Explains New Vehicle Technologies

| Washington, DC

WASHINGTON – The U.S. Department of Transportation today launched a new series of safety videos featuring Jason Fenske from Engineering Explained, demonstrating for the public the potential lifesaving benefits of several advanced driver assistance systems available in many new vehicles. 

“Understanding what advanced driver assistance technologies can and cannot do for the driver is critical to everyone’s safety,” said Dr. Steven Cliff, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Acting Administrator. “We’re providing the driving public with knowledge about the safety benefits of these technologies.” 

NHTSA is pursuing a comprehensive safe system approach, which recognizes that everyone – including those who design, build, operate, and use the road system – shares in the responsibility for road safety. “We need to ensure that our transportation systems are safe for everyone,” Dr. Cliff said. 

This new campaign builds on NHTSA’s successful 5-Star Safety Ratings program by continuing to educate consumers about safety features and new safety technologies. The Jason Fenske video series builds on an organic campaign NHTSA launched last year on social media, “Your Car Needs You.” The new videos will be supported by an agency-funded digital media buy that launches today and runs through September 29, 2021. The videos are also featured on NHTSA’s website.

Additionally, the agency continues to evaluate and consider advanced crash avoidance technologies and systems that address safety and prevent crashes. Through its broad enforcement authority, the agency will take action immediately if it identifies a safety risk. 

The five short videos are hosted by Fenske and include: 4 Technologies That Could Prevent Your Next Car Crash; Rear Automatic Braking; Blind Spot Intervention; Lane Keeping Assistance; Automatic High Beams; and a four-part summary video discussing blind spot warning, forward collision warning, automatic emergency braking, and pedestrian automatic emergency braking.

Through his YouTube channel Engineering Explained, Jason Fenske uses his background as a mechanical engineer to help consumers learn about cars and how they work.

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