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U.S. Department of Transportation Announces Expansion of AV TEST Initiative

| Washington, DC

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration today announced the expansion of the Automated Vehicle Transparency and Engagement for Safe Testing (AV TEST) Initiative from a pilot to a full program.  NHTSA’s online tracking tool, which provides data on the on-road testing and safety performance of automated driving systems in cities across the country, is now open to all stakeholders.
Previously, nine states and nine companies fully participated in the AV TEST pilot initiative. Under the expansion, 52 companies, governments, and associations are now participating.  For a full list of participants, please click here

Today’s event featured remarks from Deputy Assistant Secretary for Transportation Policy Finch Fulton, NHTSA Deputy Administrator James Owens, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Deputy Administrator Wiley Deck, Wyoming Department of Transportation Director K. Luke Reiner, and Ariel Wolf of the Self-Driving Coalition for Safer Streets.

“NHTSA’s open and direct relationships with automated technology developers, States, and other stakeholders are instrumental to ensuring that these technologies help save lives and prevent injuries on American roadways,” NHTSA Deputy Administrator James Owens said.  “AV TEST will help participants and the public understand the capabilities and limitations of these technologies, to share best practices, and to promote healthy competition for safer practices and information sharing that the public can review and compare.”

The information provided will help keep the public informed of the progress, advancement, and safety implications regarding the automated vehicles that participate in the program.  The portal is available on NHTSA’s website and will be updated as new information is submitted.

A recording of the event is available for download here.

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