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Sled Test Data using the 95th Percentile Adult Male Hybrid III

95th Percentile Adult Male Hybrid III (Electronic Crash Test Data)

Matrix of Unbelted 95th Percentile Male Dummy Sled Tests

NHTSA Test #Sled MYMakeModelAir Bag MYImpact Speed (kmph)Note
V31721998BuickCentury199745.5SAE J211 for Neck
V31731998BuickCentury199762.0SAE J211 for Neck
V31751998BuickCentury199771.6SAE J211 for Neck
V31711998BuickCentury199945.5SAE J211 for Neck
V31741998BuickCentury199962.1SAE J211 for Neck
V31761998BuickCentury199972.2SAE J211 for Neck
V31691999ChevroletVenture199747.3SAE J211 for Neck
V31701999ChevroletVenture199762.3SAE J211 for Neck
V31651999ChevroletVenture199940.8SAE J211 for Neck
V31661999ChevroletVenture199946.0SAE J211 for Neck
V31671999ChevroletVenture199957.2SAE J211 for Neck
V31681999ChevroletVenture199963.7SAE J211 for Neck
Table of crash test results

High Speed Films

 Copies of the high speed films are available through NHTSA's public film library at the National Crash Analysis Center (703) 729-8236.