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NHTSA Safety Research Portfolio Public Meeting: Fall 2021


Virtual Event

October 19 - October 21, 2021

11 a.m. to 4 p.m. ET, daily

(Recording links below)

Join the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for our virtual Safety Research Portfolio Public Meeting: Fall 2021. NHTSA's vehicle safety research and behavioral safety research offices will present information on activities related to the agency’s research programs. Discussion topics will include:

  • Crash avoidance research including advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), human factors, automated driving systems (ADS), and vehicle cybersecurity.
  • Behavioral safety including speeding/speed management and risky driving behaviors followed by panels on vulnerable road user research and alternative fuels.
  • Crashworthiness research regarding female crash safety, ADS crash safety, advanced crash test dummies, and occupant protection.

Each year, NHTSA executes a broad array of research programs. The agency’s research portfolio covers program areas pertaining to vehicle safety, including safety countermeasures implemented through the vehicle; its components; operations and use, including accessibility considerations; alternative fuels; among others, and behavioral safety, which includes safety countermeasures that pertain to the behavior and actions of drivers, occupants, and other road users, including vulnerable populations.

NHTSA is committed to providing equal access to this virtual meeting for all participants. Closed captioning will be available. People with disabilities who need additional accommodations should send a request to no later than October 14.

Agenda and Recordings


  • Day 1 recordings for download
    • Opening Remarks
    • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Research
    • Human Factors Research
    • ADS Research
    • Vehicle Cybersecurity and Electronics
  • Day 2 recordings for download
    • Opening Remarks
    • Speeding and Speed Management
    • Risky Driving Behaviors
    • Vulnerable Road Users
    • Alternative Fuels Research
  • Day 3 recordings for download
    • Opening Remarks
    • Female Crash Safety
    • ADS Crash Safety
    • Advanced Crash Test Dummies
    • Occupant Protection