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Pedestrian Safety

Pedestrian Program Training

Pedestrian Safety Program Management Course


This 2-day course provides a comprehensive approach to managing pedestrian safety programs.

Additional Resources

If you are involved with pedestrian safety issues, this course will help you develop skills and knowledge to manage a successful and sustainable pedestrian safety program. This course acknowledges its participants have specific needs that are often not met by other program management courses; however, this is not a course in data analysis or action plan development.

Course Topics

  • Pedestrian Safety Introductory Concepts
  • Problem Identification: Data Analysis
  • Selecting Countermeasures
  •  Building a Pedestrian Safety Coalition
  • Resources for Countermeasure Implementation
  • A Unified Approach

Course Outcome

Participants will be able to manage a comprehensive program successfully to reduce pedestrian crashes and create more walkable communities by developing familiarity with program manager guidelines, tools, and templates.

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for Highway Safety Office professionals tasked with coordinating pedestrian safety programs. Other participants who would benefit include: State and community coordinators of pedestrian safety, managers, law enforcement liaisons, pedestrian and bicycle coordinators in State DOTs, program managers of State DOTs, and nonprofit organizations.

Prerequisites and Enrollment

To enroll, contact your NHTSA Regional Office or the Transportation Safety Institute (TSI) at 405-954-3112.

After enrolling, participants are required to complete an independent study before taking the course. The independent study materials will be sent to you by the course organizer.