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Pedestrian Safety

Pedestrian Safety Training for Law Enforcement



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In 2010, more than 4,200 pedestrians were killed in the United States, accounting for 13 percent of all traffic fatalities. As a result, there is a critical need for increased enforcement and understanding of pedestrian hazards.

Pedestrian safety and the development of effective strategies for enforcement activities are becoming a priority in many places around the country. To aid law enforcement in developing their strategies, NHTSA recently released a Pedestrian Safety Training for Law Enforcement Interactive Training and Resource Guide.

Training Description

This training is an interactive, computer-based program to help law enforcement officers understand the factors associated with pedestrian crashes, develop meaningful countermeasures and enforcement strategies, and recognize the importance of complete and accurate crash reporting. This self-paced training is ideal for busy agencies and law enforcement officers, and is available at no cost.

How Do I get Started?

Order your copy of the NHTSA Pedestrian Safety Training for Law Enforcement (CD-ROM) on NHTSA's Material Ordering System. This is an excellent opportunity for no-cost training, eliminating the need for travel and personnel coverage. A certificate of completion can be printed for inclusion in training records or continuing education credits based on your State‚Äôs training criteria.

If you're involved with law enforcement training, you can access the training online by visiting the National Law Enforcement Academy Resource Network (NLEARN), where you'll be prompted to request access and membership to the NLEARN site.