NHTSA Press Releases

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Secretary LaHood Applauds Kentucky and Nebraska Bans on Texting for All Drivers Washington, DC April 16, 2010
NHTSA Awards Recognize Efforts to Make Roadways Safer Washington, DC April 12, 2010
Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood Announces First Enforcement Crackdown Campaign on Distracted Driving Washington, DC April 8, 2010
Secretary LaHood Announces DOT is Seeking Maximum Civil Penalty from Toyota Washington, DC April 5, 2010
Iowa Bans Texting for All Drivers; Stops All Cell Phone Use by Teens Washington, DC April 2, 2010
DOT, EPA Set Aggressive National Standards for Fuel Economy and First Ever Greenhouse Gas Emission Levels For Passenger Cars and Light Trucks Washington, DC April 1, 2010
U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood Announces Major Investigations to Resolve Issue of Sudden Acceleration Washington, DC March 30, 2010
Washington State Toughens Cell Phone and Texting Ban Washington, DC March 26, 2010
Secretary LaHood: Wyoming Becomes the 20th State to Ban Texting While Driving Washington, DC March 11, 2010
Traffic Fatalities for 2009 Reach Record Low Washington, DC March 11, 2010
NHTSA to Test Lexus Belonging to Rhonda and Eddie Smith Washington, DC February 26, 2010
New Sample Bill will Aid States in Banning Texting While Driving Washington, DC February 22, 2010
NHTSA Launches Probe into Timeliness of Three Toyota Recalls Washington, DC February 16, 2010
Consumer Advisory: NHTSA's Advice to Toyota Customers Washington, DC February 10, 2010
U.S. Department of Transportation Responds to Third Toyota Recall Washington, DC February 9, 2010
Consumer Advisory: Dorel Recalls Maxi Cosi Mico Infant Child Restraint Systems Washington, DC February 5, 2010
Department of Transportation Addresses Toyota Safety Issues Washington, DC February 4, 2010
Consumer Advisory: Toyota Owners Advised of Actions to Take Regarding Two Separate Recalls Washington, DC February 1, 2010
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